Thursday, July 28, 2005


26 et 27

so, the facts :
Yesturday we left Ishida Daisuke's lovely familly house and got to "Settagaya monozukuri school IID" for an appointment with the staff. This is the place where we are going to give the opening lecture for the tour and also an Active Suspension / Shoboshobo concert with O.lamm, Domotic, Davide Balula and Minifer.
After that we went to Ochanomizu area to buy some music instruments (a mini-guitar for olivier, a pianica for stephane...) and to akihabara to get some useful stuff like dv tape, md tape ...
Finaly we went to Yahiro Factory "Highti", it's an old factory where we will be living all the time we are in Tokyo. The place is very nice and its very friendly residents (including a nice young little cat named "Biquet") welcomed us by a delicious japanese dinner (oden, sashimi ...).
Today is Portable PA live spot hunt...

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