Sunday, July 31, 2005


air and fish

The Air :
Today remembering of a previous work installation "The Flu" (La grippe) :
Install description : Two conflicted air conditioning system, One VERY HOT, second very COLD... Two spaces and calorific move between one average temperature.

Here is a good old fan, just moving the air again and again, few tempereature changes. Air speed and feelings:

So is the system here in Tokyo :
Weather so hot (33°C and 80% Humid) Faces to every thermo regulated place as shops, metro, houses etc. in conflict with so cold temperature. Submarine feeling.

Tsukiji 5h00 :
Ready for Portable PA attack :

After :
During the performance no Pics as i was playing. :)

Tsujiki is such a good place, a strange (morning) touristic area !!
Fantastic Tsujiki riders (tuur ?) giant fresh fishes
shouting :
incredible noise.
Not very satisfied by the session, neither by the processing of my patch, but very happy with the reactions i get when i am finishing the session with a recorded tuna fish auction. (Many people trying to find where the guy is... where the sound comes from... then looking and me with a large smile. Fisherman are electronic addicts.)
I am just realising that the simple shift (or switch) of different places/situation/sounds are much more effective than obscur creative abstract sounds. Less process gives more effect. I'll be cool and try to catch the correct. (I will also be kind with policemen, i promise.. Sorry mister fishguard...)

The Night :
Crowded places, people enjoying the sound and colors of the hanabi sky.
(FireworksVideo on process)

Ended with mini Crab hunting in Yahiro. (Good video of it too)

Will be clouded, maybe even more humidity and water in the air.

Now let's share my bed and blood with mosquitos..
(stephane seemed to be generous tonight !!)


I was desesperate. Really need to climb on buildings. That would have been great for that moment. Hopefully saved by the Yahiro Army posted in a cool standpoint and offering beer and food.
(I've always been that guy ready to spend hours to get the best place on a parking... Shortcut is hard maybe but the image is : wish the best stuff and do what needed to get it. Sometimes i lose.. humm. maybe more often than a just "sometimes".)

i am enjoying the diary very much so far. is it possible to rent a room at Yahiro Factory? i am an experimental laptop musician who is moving to japan soon so this is all very interesting. i am looking for accommodations, please contact me
Oh sorry john this is private place... with very cool people. Yahiro Factory !
I am not very sure you can rent a place here.. Hontoni gomen nasai !!

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