Friday, July 29, 2005



Sooo... Yesterday was a tiresome and exhilerating day, we walked all over several areas to look for Portable PA performances spots, recorded some sounds, took a lot of pics, then we met Robert Duckworth and had a drink and a chat with him in a restaurant in the korean area, and talked about the quite problematic part of the project, which is in its "disturbing" or "abusing" potential aspect. Then just before going back home we met, at the entrance of the station, Masa Goro, a musician who plays toy piano and sells her records on the street (something like 30 pieces, all original compositions, more than 300 of them ...). When I saw her playing and everybody rushing and passing in front of her without paying any attention to her music, i felt a bit strange and started to think that we will find ourselves in the same situation very soon,
thought it was quite sad ... Then Robert said that we might go and listen to what she was doing and then we talked with her and it was very interesting (her music reminded me of Jon Inu's music) and then i began to think that what we will do by playing music and playing with sounds in the city outside of official venues will probably be more about interaction than creating something just for ourselves, at least these interactions is really what i'm looking forward to experience now.


check it out!
dj bobofete...
hey, thanx alot bobla fete!
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