Friday, July 29, 2005




Cool day. Quiet dry.
It's good to feel the water coming from the air conditioning when it's mixed with fresh wind and spread with a micro particule speed.
TODAY : 87°F (31°C) | 72°F (22°C)

Portable PA Spot hunting.
Asakusa; Ueno; Different buildings roofs (some were closed but... ); Shibuya; etc.
main touristic areas for first performances.

Video Traces : Taking pictures and sound recording
maybe too many pictures but now i try to avoid my shooting on everything but want to remember and keep a good and clear memory. Hummm... Hard to stop my finger and its gravity on the button.
Hard to say but moments are fast and fugitive. Can my camera do anything ?

Late memories and moccori (?) the white alcohol :
Will we really be abusing if we go just further the japanese law ? I mean with the ART process excuse ?

Moccori is when your pants are too tight over your "mashroom".

see everybody, mo-ma-su really does speak japanese!
haha yes !! korean pants pants !!
See, I TOLD have to be careful!
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