Friday, July 29, 2005



on the roof of Yahiro Factory, we stopped because some worker of the mini austin dealer just next shouted at us and said that he couldn't stand the sound anymore ... We had been playing for 2 hours, I must confess. The Max patch that Nao Tokui developped for us is sooooo good!
Tonight after Daisuke Ishida's concert, we will do a quiet Portable PA (PPA) session by the river with fireworks, photos will follow tomorrow.

I have been working on a similar patch, but that one looks amazing!!!!! I am so excited about this tour, I only wish I could be there to meet you all in person!
hello inco,

are you in japan?

i guess we could meet, if you're willing to.

thanks for posting!
...and note we are just the users not the creators of this patch, Nao Tukui did it :)
I am in california! too bad! good luck with the tour!
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