Monday, August 15, 2005


ATR arrival

Late and sleepy.
Slicky bus tatamis won't stop the largest run of rests.

Now ready for an Adavanced Telecomunication Research disturbance.

Hey dear telecom nerdy cats, let's bounce !

davanced Telecomunication Research
Laboratory location
(Osaka on the Left, Kyoto on Top)


hey! J'ai habité à quelques km de ce point rouge... sympa ces google maps!
In Kyoto use "OKINI" instead of "ARIGATO". People will be surprised and so pleased!
ok ok thank you ! i will !
The text about you is up at now. Keep going.
thank you for talking about us on your blog, but shoboshobo bustour is not an active suspension tour ... shoboshobo bustour involve 3 artists from this label, but originaly the project is a shoboshobo project ( )
Ah, I will make that clearer. Thanks for the heads up.
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