Tuesday, August 09, 2005



Fantastic staff ! Thank you !

The PA :
OK, I must confess that I tried to push the famous Japanese shyness by going frontally onto passers-by this time, and that this was a solo experience - I mean I didn’t ‘jam’ with the other Shoboys this time. (Sorry guys.)

The test.
Until now (few exceptions) I’ve not been really satisfied with the “musical” result once out of its context, considering that the situation is to be part of the global sonic experience.
+ Watching people straight in the eyes and play for these unique persons or small audience.
+ Stay immobile in front of someone with my Portable PA in silent mode (only smiling and making Japanese-style friendly headbang) waiting for that person to produce some noise, then record, then process.
+ The gathering :entering into offices, information stands, questioning people then record their voices ...
+ The sounds : The semaphore, the dog, the old japanese grandma looking for her cat (tribute to ‘la mere Michele qui a perdu son chat qui crie par la fenêtre à qui le lui rendra ... ’ /// link ?)
Pitching sounds according to people’s behavior : when they’re afraid, follow them in the run with the sound pitched up, then upper, then upper still.

Don’t know what I will try next.

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