Sunday, August 21, 2005


the best sento ever

yesterday we went to this great family/mall-style sento. they had everything we could ask for (except soap and shampoo maybe) bubble & feet massage pool, big powerful back massage pool, outdoors pool and fake waterfall for head massage, electrical bath, where we talked a bit with some indigenes and got strange remarks about our beards (our beards are doing great, by the way), ice-cube timer sauna and a frozen bath that i enjoyed a lot.

now my body feels great.

where is the brain sento?

the word you're looking for is 'native'
trop dur la life...
i like to put french words in my posts sometimes anyway.
Konnichiwa. Genki? You guys seem to enjoy the summer in Japan. GREAT! I'm really looking forward to hearing stories of your adventures.

Wow, I miss Sento, Onsen and of course, Sake and Shochu!

A bientot a Paris. Ciao.
hey Nao, it's so good to hear from you!
i hope you are fine in Paris, your patch is so wonderfull!!!!
let's meet up in paris as soon as we are back there.
howdy nao!

yes, the patch is really good! i enjoy playing with it a lot!!

thank you so much for programming it!
oui, moi aussi la lecture du mot indigene m'a quelque peu heurtee... odot, heureusement que tu es la, helas tu n'es pas ici.

nao is a really great person !
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