Friday, August 05, 2005


Bus painting and mosquitos

It's now 2:30 am.

Still very close to the bus, 20cm from our eyes as we still have to be precise with the brush covered with red paint. The task is not so easy. Really not easy in fact mosquitoes' attack has been declared.

We are using that special spray, citronnella flavoured. Last solution ? Humm we all smell very good and we all have some big red blisters on our feet and arms.

With the Sugar Hill Gang in the background, we make pauses from painting and networking break dancing on the large green grass of the Iamas school.

I should also mention the session with Suzueri on her Piano. We played with a big bug i don't know the name of. Elico Suzueri also seemed to enjoy the fear of her fellow pupil when she was running over the large hall with that bug in her hand.


Special thought for Satoshi who makes that bug orchestra in live.

We eventually ended with very cool sounds with the help of the Nao Tokui funky patch and developped new technics with it.
I think I am cultivating a real dependency with these Portable Improvisation sessions.
I think I am turning into an infra break kick addict.

il n'arrête pas de pleuvoir aujourd'hui, vite un récit pour nous aider à patienter
i think i am cultivating a real dependency with this blog
ou c'est vrai que ya de quoi devenir dépendant de ce blog : Un groupuscule de musiciens en marge des codes établis, un pays fascinant, une approche culturelle originale, et du sashimi au fond des yeux....
yo les gars,
si vous (re)passez oar Tokyo ou Osaka, ne manquez pas l'expo du siècle :

(odot, tu pourras même y acheter une casquette Darkthrone)
yo les gars,
si vous (re)passez oar Tokyo ou Osaka, ne manquez pas l'expo du siècle :

(odot, tu pourras même y acheter une casquette Darkthrone)
Silence de quatre jours sur le Shoblog? Comme un parent anxieux je ne peux qu'imaginer des desastres: prison, yakuza, accident de route, deportement, et, le pire, "musical differences". Qu'est ce qui se passe?
Yes... Im a little worried about the fact we havent heard from them for 4 days too. Im sure they are OK. At least I hope they are, Ive got a lot planned for them when they get to Osaka.
Looking forward to reading about your adventures soon.
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