Monday, August 15, 2005


Dans le bus

One of our 3 portable PA is broken, so i stayed in the bus while Lozi went to buy a new amp and the Frenchies to perform in Osaka's streets (I wish I'd been there too...). So i looked after the exhibition in the bus and presented the Motor Karaoke installation and met nice people there. First of all almost all the Arts Aporia staff came to play karaoke and seemed to enjoy it a lot. Then, this nice Osaka circuit bender artist came with his amazing instrument (check a short video here). I could also meet Cola, an Osaka based french artist and Karl and his girlfriend (sorry I do not remember her name...).
I also met what is called here an Otaku, for the first time in my life, and a real one... The guy was carrying a case full of dolls and accessories, and two huge photo books... As he hopped on in the bus, I invited him for a motor karaoke race, amd he performed one against an Akarenga member and then went out and started to unpack all his stuff nearby the bus ... Finally he brandished a doll in front of him facing the bus and with his other hand took a picture. I asked what he was doing, and he kindly told me the puppet name was Emily and showed me his photo books full of Emily's pictures in various touristic places ... He gave me one, showing Emily in front of a sunflower field...

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