Sunday, August 14, 2005



(i'm typing this as we're diving from osaka to kyoto , makkori running through my veins, hello robert how are you today?) i really don't know if the music we are making with the portable PA is any good. sure i enjoy making it, and it's kind of making sense sometimes when the people are interacting with us (in any way, enjoying it or hating it, as long as they react to it it's ok i'm happy), but when it's decontextualised i don't know if there is any musical value to it. i don't know if that's important too, as playing music in context is the basis of the project... but we record the music, so that means it should still be interesting afterwards (maybe the pictures we take have to be part of the recorded music)

aaaah it's so humid here in osaka, i wonder how long it will take to this country to get dry again.

kinky pet service

it's gettin' hot in here so take off all your clothes
we already are naked..
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