Tuesday, August 16, 2005


givenoiseachance (kyoto mall and street performance)

they all started by saying "hey let's play something more quiet and discreet" but within five minutes the big loud noise machine was running again. mehdi was playing some distorted reggae music through his PA, accompanied by the great sounds of the great circuit bent texas instrument. davide didn't want to play loud so he spent some time isolated in the elevator, playing some elevator music , odot and midori were also playing high volume walking aroud the shopping mall, she humming in her saxophonevoicechangertoy, he patching it all through his laptop.

at first i thought it was disapointing that they didn't stick to the original less gerilla-oriented and more quiet intent , and instead were just making noise in a mall and scaring people away. but once they went into the street, some amazingly beautiful moments came out, one guy on his bike seemed to be really fascinated and followed mehdi and davide for some time. those PAs really have a great sound once you put the volume up. they tend to distort everything in a very musical way, too bad we can't record that properly.

so in the end it's a good thing that we are unreliable people.

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