Monday, August 29, 2005


GOOD wins in the end

we've spent a few days at this one festival where we were not supposed to be playing.

BAD THINGS: (in no particular order)

1-john mc entire looks like a fish trying to breathe air and adolf hitler making a speech. not one smile during the whole concert. concentration and academic drumming.

2-losing davide and looking for davide

3-bad t shirts

4-expensive small kebabs

5-cheesy roland demo

6-the size of our stage

GOOD THINGS: (in no particular order)

1-panawave brothers fun (with lozi and suzueli)

2-MEC fun

3-a swimming pool

4-space tatami


6-riding with mehdi

7-waking up and davide is here

8-cheap sento thanks to staff pass

9-makiko and makoto

when are cheesy keyboard demos ever Bad Things? you should at least list it in both categories simultaneously.
cheesy demos are bad things when they get to play on a bigger stage than us and when they manage to get people dancing.
so they should even go to the bad bad things category...
Hm, I'll allow you that.

Have you noticed a lot of cheap '80s keyboards play Wham! songs as demos?
we want to know the model, Catjams

yamaha, casio?

and cheesy TRANCE demos from high tech gear are REALLY ugly
well, the casio (concertmate) i own can play a pretty good version of "wake me up before you go-go".
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