Thursday, August 04, 2005


Iamas gravity of the air conditioning

Hard time, and hard but eventually deep sleep.
Second day in GIFU OGAKI city, at IAMAS, institute school of media art & technology.

Few students but hard work (they have an open day event quite soon).
They have a space dedicated to rest.
Some of the students can indeed work all night long and have a 2h rest in the 24 hour non stop engineering area.

And we are in that similar physical non stop rhythm work/rest now (especially LOZI-san)
the gravity here in Gifu seems different than anywhere else. (Unless it is the magnetic storm ?)

This morning my head was compressed between the pillow and the heavy weight of the air conditioning.
(18°C inside the wide tatami room when 34° outside).

Gravity changes during a free fall and scientific analysis can be made.
My free fall has been fast and stationary so no measures or graphics but deep dreams of sounds and landscapes instead. Maybe for a lack of the daily CALPIS energy drinks.

I wish we will climb the buildings here around and play the PA loud. I wish we will catch the sounds of the 6:00 am athletics children during their exercise. This morning was too early for us.

Today : PA live impro, editing, painting the bus, seeing SUZUERI live rehearsal and maybe play with her, play with the breadboad band maybe later, look for the little friendly ghost, check the window standpoint for the Local bus presentation and improvise. (Rest and food between those different steps).

I am really missing the Portable Power Amplification Jam Session whenever we are not playing.

Now let's get the food step.

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