Thursday, August 04, 2005



Arriving in IAMAS (international multimedia artschool), welcomed there by Suzueri (Eriko Suzuki), eat together in a cute onigiri family restaurant, we saw the bus "for real" for the first time, later, we were invited to see the private performance of 3 IAMAS students (Shosei Oishi, Katsuhiko Harada and Kazuki Saita), the "Breadboard Band", who make music with electronic components, which sounds like Pan Sonic, one of these 3 guys usin an Ipod he modified in order to scratch with it.
Later that evening we started to make the drafts to paint the bus ...

Hello, this is Kazuki Saita, a menber of Breadboard Band.
thank you very much for listening our performance!
I take blog and there are some articles related to Breadboard Band.
Here is the circuit. (sorry everything is written in japanese but schematics...)
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