Tuesday, August 02, 2005


in action

The other boys are rehearsing on their laptops, but i still need my shitty keyboards and pedals to feel like i'm making music (i'm old school) so i cannot really practice here because it's soooo complicated to get electricity and sound and space and davide. Expect an unexpectable live act...

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away now i need a place to hide away we did a nice hippie concert pianica keyboards recorder harmonica not laptop on a secret rooftop in shibuya, thanks to masami's contribution. We greatly missed the PAs. i guess it would have been less hippie flavored if we had been making some concrete harsh abstract noise. at least we had a good time and the photos will look cool.

really, i am an analog kind of guy, my pictures are taken with an old camera from my father and i shoot super8 movies. more complicated & more bobo.
unconvenient heavy fragile more expensive not working harder-to-use

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