Saturday, August 06, 2005


Jumping Climbing Scratching

Am I going too far ? Few days (5) and few news (1,5) shared in this diary since our last post. Odot’s digest will help a lot to catch our common story till this last day. I will try to remember some of my personal experiences. Departure from IAMAS GIFU to YAMAGUCHI : I must admit that my inclination to climb on everything was put in jeopardy by the situation. I just ran into the bus to catch my camera to film this short stormy-ish departure.( link behind) The door was closed. The window open. Consequence :
[ PLAIE 4 ]
This is just the painful limit for me and my used-to-be skilful thumb for playing the guitar and no word about onsen infection / disinfection, salty Japanese sea etc.. Maybe this is good news for our dear vampire KA(=mosquitos) co-tenants. Please check the video of the drama-like departure, with rain and lightning bolts.


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