Wednesday, August 03, 2005


lecturrrrrrrrr : hübsch!

did the first activesuspension event today at setagaya school. there was no rehearsal, almost no time for soundcheck and no time for lunch, and the set had to be very short (we only played three songs) and at very low volume. still, a few hours after,
i'm happy... maybe it's thanks to the mochi udon?

tomorrow we have to get up very early so that we reach gifu at noon.

Hi, I'm Satoshi at Yahiro.
When I waked up this morning,you had gone already.
Please take care of long tour. We are all lokking forward to meet you again at end of this summer.

I think below guitar is maybe good.
Didn't you get it ?
c'est cool de voir vos tetes !

nous on est rentres de taiwan ce matin et c'etait CHANME !!!

profitez bien du mois qui vous reste, je vous embrasse tous.
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