Monday, August 08, 2005


les bonzes ont de très jolis pantalons bleu ciel

About the temple : this performance was maybe the one where the interraction with people was the most interesting (this far).
As we were mostly sitting, people could watch our screens, talk to us, ask questions or even play melodica in our microphones
(olivier's , to be more precise). I explained it all to a TV host, sampling her voice, and playing with it to her great amusement, and that was really a good thing to do. Once the people understand the process, it's easier to play abstract music that's not repellant.

Then of course we did the exact opposite : we played a second performance (The Great Portable PA Marching Band) in a souvenir shopping street. We all started with the screams of a crying child , and then it all increased to some kind of alerte à la bombe siren sound. Most of the shops were closing their doors as we approached, because of our loud agressive wave . The organisation staff kept on giving flyers to passers-by and vendors, I don't know if that helped.

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