Sunday, August 07, 2005


Les caves

Lots of fun! We played at yamaguchi caves : some kind of geological amusement park, with an onsen (yippee!!!) and a camping area... We put our boots on, securtity helmets, plastic raincoats took a lot of silly pictures and off we went deeper into the neon-lit caves. Some of us chose a static spot, Davide sitting next to a blinking neon much like his artistic work, it was lighting his transluscent poncho in a very theatrical way, I chose to move as much as i could, sometimes leaving the cemented tracks for unauthorized terrains, as if i were a 4WD. I nearly broke my ankle a few times, playing some geiger-counter like sounds, increasing speed (or nuclear activity) when nearing something interesting (the sleeping dragons cave, the what's-his-name thick curtain, some group of amused/affraid kids and so on). I lacked communication with the other boys, but we did a very nice final, Olivier playing his little electric guitar because his computer had ran out of batteries...

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