Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Not used yet ...

... and probably will never be i guess ... So many things to see notice (miss)understand and enjoy.
Today : portable PA in a small mall, quite noisy performance, and then went in the streets for walking portable PA ... Interesting interactions, our circuit bender / nanolooper Kobejin friend Masanobu Shibao and Midori-chan joined.
Merci Bon-chan et Isa d'ĂȘtre venue!
Thank you Yoshi-san!

sur la photo 4 on dirait que Mehdi a un catogan.
c'est tout ce que t'as a dire patatos! t'as pas vu la super guitare qu'on a prise en photo pour toi?
thug life!

whatcha gonna do when you get outta jail?

i'm gonna buy me a gun!!

then what's next?

and sex

house party in the projectz,

we goin' all nite!
(repeat chorus)
-Tupac R.I.P
you all some bad asses'
sorry i dont get your point anonymous ...
anonymous is hip-hoppin' is ass off, just like we were in our supercool 'hater' truck, man
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