Tuesday, August 02, 2005



Before / during and after the portable PAs session in Shinjuku.
It was a good experience, we were able to try the performative aspect of the project. But we need to mention the fact that Shinjuku dori is a place where street musicians are allowed to play on sundays... At least Olivier almost got hurt by some street musician because we were too noisy!
After the PPA intervention, we went to the top of the Isatan mall in a "beer garden" and had some fresh drinks, and i ordered a KAKIGORI, which means I found my favourite summer snack in Japan. Khanh-Linh i wish you were here ...
On our way back to the station we saw a street VJ mixing images over eletronica music and using Motion dive.

kakigori... remember yakinikool of tomoko's words the day before your departure : that's exactly the one thing she adviced you to have ! bingo !
Medhi!!! C'est tomoko.Tu as goûté KAKIGORI! Khanh-Linh m'en a parlé. Profite bien de l'été!
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