Tuesday, August 02, 2005


roof my dear

We went to Plop offices to retrieve some luggages that we'd sent from france (some 40kgs of CDs, tshirts and sweaters...). We met all those nice people, Masami and all, had lunch with them, said hello to "ONTONSON" and "HEADZ" office people and then we got on the roof of the building and had fun playing music and stupid dancing with Lozi, Yoyo Jiji and Kobayashi-san and also David Marx...
Saw this amazing bronze statue of what looks like a typical Shibuya teen in the heart of Shibuya...
Also saw an indication sign in the metro written with a Shoboshobo font.
Then back home to Yahiro Factory (they call the place Highti) and worked hard till very late at night to prepare next day's first Shoboshobo Bustour presentation / Active suspension's live. The Highti people were playing playstation all the while.

The roof, the top covering of a building, is one of the universal structures found on all buildings. Its purpose is primarily to shed water off the building and to prevent it from accumulating on top. To achieve this goal, Roofs may be highly pitched (sloped) or low sloped in form.

Low sloped roofs are commonly found on industrial/commercial type structures. Pitched roofs are the primary design found on residential homes. The most common type of low sloped roof for industrial/commercial structures are the conventional built-up-roof (BUR), modified bitumen, or single plies (EPDM, PVC, TPO). Metal standing seam roofs are becoming increasingly common on low sloped roof assemblies.

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