Monday, August 01, 2005


Shinjuku Portable March Power Amp :: VIDEO

Portable PA shoboys in SHINJUKU


/This is not really a video about the music but some moments were much more interesting than the sound produced.
I am still thinking about the priority of the situation. Sound processing is still not that good unless we all play together in a same clean sound and readable moment. (this is maybe my site specific pop music weakness.)

Im watching you guys with much interest. I think its great. More Video please...
Im a soundartist/busker living in Osaka. I know this city well so if you need a hand with anything or even a place to crashout while here, you are welcome.
Your PAs make my head spin.
who says shoboys and butou dancers don't mix?
oh thank you very much // see you in osaka then.. we may contact you or please come to see us !! cheeers / ,davide-san

for sure we'd love to meet you! i'm sure you know some great spots for PA performances! (we need to play on roof tops in osaka!) and maybe we could play together?


more soon!
Ive never considered playing on rooftops but Ill have a bo-peep around in the next couple of days. Ill be seeing you at your Saturday 13th show. I could organise somewhere for you to perform on the night of friday 12th if you are in Osaka, Awajishima isnt that far away. Let me know your schedule (if you know it) and we will sort something out.
The place where you are playing in Osaka is a 15minute trainride from Osaka central
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