Friday, August 05, 2005



As we are just now preparing for the bon voyage ceremony, the clouds and lightning are going to be part of it.
Yesterday evening, we all painted a lot, we also played portable PA with Suzueri, she on the piano, us gathered around her, recording and sucking la substantifique moelle of her strumming and singing (a song a bout a mountain on fire burning the blue sky)...

We stopped painting the bus at six this morning, with the sun rising, the beginning of the song of the suzumushi and of the scarecrows. Davide Olivier and I even performed another cheesy dubby PA soundtrack (featuring iamas scarecrows choir chant) for Mehdi, encouraging him to finish the left side of the bus (maybe we should give it a name....) before going to bed ( we sleep in the student's dormitory, here in iamas)

we also took some philippe ramette-like pictures

Today we woke up at 2 in the afternoon and Mehdi went back to bus painting, Olivier erasing the drafts, while Davide and I made some more copies of the translate revue #2. We did 20 more copies! Then we met yuko nexus6 , who gave each one of us a great omiage : typical japanese bandana (they make us look a little bit stupid and a little gay)

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