Thursday, August 04, 2005


streaming wins anyway

i've been painting aplats for a few hours now. getting tired of it... listening to arm of roger and sun plexus on the very convenient(!) portable PAs.

Right Now mehdi is painting the bus with the help of elico. this is what'
s been done until now...

i wish it were going faster, but that's not up to me.

davide and olivier have been playing Portable PA in the big iamas field/park, and then they intruded a junior football training and did some (apparently) very good music with it, but the trainer fired them quite fast (you were right robert, we enjoy beeing kicked out).
so they end up here, doing the sketch for the right side of the bus...

lozi came back from nagoya a couple of hours ago

and the inside of the bus is a mess.

lozi i guess you feel the same excitement as the french guys... you are great and look so.
i'd wish i could see you...
thanks to you, all this does happen.
Quand bien meme vous "upgraderiez" le site toute les 5 minutes, nous n'en serions que plus réjouis !!! super voyage bravo c'est vraiment créatif et convaincant ...
merciiii! gentil anonyme, tu es la sève de ce voyage!
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