Wednesday, August 03, 2005


stupid all the while

getting out of tokyo was kind of complicated, as lozi's
GORILLA GPS CD MP3 DVD PLAYER is now two years old, and all the one way streets have changed their one we did a lot of u-turns before finaly joining the traffic jam on the highway... mehdi (and all our magic fingers) did a small MEC event in the car SACRILEGE thanks to his now repaired battery-run SP202... then i slept all the while, except for a quick stop at some kind of super mall highway station with a fruit market where mehdi found (bought) a golden turd.

seeing the bus -en personne- was really nice, and i'm sure lui et moi will get along very well, i'll just have to be careful and not too messy (oooooooh that's so hard for me), and anyway we can hide/store all our luggage under the tatami-stage in the back of the bus. i really enjoyed the bus-sketching, thanks to the veronique sanson / jacques demy tunes we sang all the while. i tend to be stupid when i'm tired, when it's hot, when it's dark, when it's wet, and when i'm at ease with people. i tend to get stupid

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