Sunday, August 14, 2005



under Portable Power Amp Performance

The Target

Not the least

The Guest :
Nathan aka I.n0jaQ
(The famous aeolian Harp Player)

Nathan's audiobomb tool
(Zoom PS02 3Trk rec + Piezzo + Amp + Radio)


The Target is near

Here we are

The osaka skyline workstation

Domo-san & Davide-san

& Nathan performing

The panorama for a realtime soundtrack

Tempozan wheel souvenir

The missing audience
Kobori Tutomu & Makiko Toba

This, and practically everything else here, is truly brilliant. I will write about it at but for now let me just say that it was cool to eat good food w/ you and to watch you play piano when the power went out in Gothenburg, Sweden (I was that guy that was supposed to be DJ:ing). Good times.
haha ! Very strange moment for us in Gothenburg ! That power out had been so strange ! Misterious ghost attack! Thank you so much for your support. I hope we can meet again maybe in Sweden next year.. I (davide balula) will maybe not be part of the next sweden tour as i already been there twice a year.. so you will certainly meet Domotic and O.Lamm I guess.
Yes, the power breakdown was kind of perfect I think. Just as the laptopjam went from "reaching" to really interesting (as many improvisational sessions tend to do, from my own experience) some higher power (uh) decided that "that's just about right just there."

The same thing can be said about the o.lamm performance i think. I enjoyed it even more than the malmö show actually. Because just as he introduced some new elements that for me was the real high point of the show (some rockish guitar, i think) the computer crashed. It was sort of like an open ending to a film, in a way. (I'm sure Olivier does not agree with me at all on this!)

I promise to not be as shy next time, but you all seemed a bit tired and not real chatty and when everyone cheered up later in the night I felt it was a bit to late to strike up a conversation. :)

Be good, all of you. For how long will the tour go on?
It was truly a pleasure to play alongside you in such unfamiliar surroundings. You all are a group of very inspirational people and its a blessing to have finally had the chance to meet you.
As always when using equipment for the 1st time and in the field, things usually go wrong. It appears my recorder DID have gain control, unfortunately the preset level was/is 10. Almost 2 hours/90mb of slightly uncomfortable listening.
Even for me!!!
Do you want the raw 90mb or do you wnat me to cut out the uneventful parts? Ill have to cut it into 9 different parts anyway to send it to you.
Im editing that little video now.
Ive just sent the pics to Olivier.
I will continue to follow your wonderful blog with much interest.
Arigatou, Ganbate ne.
hey nathan!
it was great meetimg you! i really enjoyed playing music with you! and the movie is great! unfortunately we couldnt go to the show, too little time for too many things to do...
maybe you could send us what you thimk is the best part of the recording and then maybe we will ask for more?

hope to meet you again sometimes!!


thanks for posting. it is nice of you to write, as i was actually quite embarassed to realise that it was actually you in gothenburg once i wasa back in france and looked at the program. sorry for not talking to you - it is true we were exhausted, and quite shy, also. anyway, we ll meet again this fall, hopefully...
olivier: don't be embarrased. hope to see you soon, then!

btw, I am using parts of this correspondance in my post about the tour. adds a personal touch, i think. let me know if this is not ok.
Good 2 C my little bro (I.n0jaQ) gettin out & meetin ppl!!! Luv ur stuff dude, keep it up. Send me more...I got ADSL now!
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