Thursday, August 04, 2005


"till we die healthy is ok"

... Elico (Suzueri) just said to us (Domo-san, Olivier and I)

As Domo said, Odot and I were kicked out of the football camp... Good sound but short performance.
Intense Portable Amp moment.
I loved it. Quiet but frontal.

(Maybe the coaches were affraid of our cameras.)

Kids training athletic football skills.

Olivier sitting on his PA
(mine is on automatic mode)

Now I'm trying to set the PA to the Iamas underground.
It's too late to go on the roof. ARGGG.
I may have an issue with roofs.
I just love the Japanese 'panorama' by night
and I just can"t stop want to climb on every accessible space.
This is another inclination I seem to have.

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