Monday, August 22, 2005



At least, we could get through IAMAS 6 firewalls and deliver for ytou those few videos :

-kyoto 01 domotic live
-kyoto 02 streets of kyoto
-kyoto 03 monster in kyoto univ
-kyoto 04 libelule
-omihachiman 01 old woman playing harmonica
-omihachiman 02 kikds during walabimochi workshop
-omihachiman 03 motor karaoke in the bus
-IAMAS 01 panawave brothers live
-IAMAS 02 hanabi
-IAMAS 03 Davide vs Suzueri

I sometimes hate you guys,
To be there while I (angry, grey and loosy) am stuck here.
But sunday sounds better with you and that screaming little girl and oldma playing.
Thousands of thanks for that, with love.
gpl, we hate you too

Thanks a lot.
But when you write "too", that highlights I was misunderstood:
because god knows I don't REALLY hate anyone (but the bastard who stole my bike today.)
I just wanted to thank you and congratulate about this blog which daily makes me see what I might be missing.
People, places, weather, events.

Enjoy, lucky boys...

Best thoughts.
maybe you didn't get my sense of humour. we don't hate much either. especially people we don't know...

thanks for reading!
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