Wednesday, August 31, 2005



Here are 3 new videos with correct URL :

01 - Nagoya street dance festival outdoor rehearsal
02 - The Nagoya Yagi roboto
03 - Where you can see some stufs from metamo, the Silent Hill ...

Cant see these vids guys."The page cannot be found"
By the way congrats on a truly unique and interesting project. I look forward to the next installment and hope to see you all again oneday. Thanks.
hey nathan!!

i'm glad to see that you're still looking at the blog!

it was really good to meet you, i (we) still haven't listened to your cd but we'll let you know about it as soon as i can! you are welcome in paris anytime!

pareil je peux pas regarder les vidéos...
elles ont été updatées...
il faudrait demander à la boîte qui a fabriqué le jeu de la moto pour leur proposer de collaborer et mettre le casque et crier desus. comme ça, c'est vraiment réel comme effet !
bonne idée! c'est NAMCO.
Le motor karaoke marche tres bien au japon!
Hey Guys,
Sad to see that its all coming to an end, have been following the blog since you started and visited the bus when you were in Osaka (met Mehdi). The project has been pure inspiration, good luck with the next stage.
Yes, I agree... As it seems to end quite soon,
please you guys gotta know you really were Best Blog Of The Month *****
Cheers !
Thanks alot! Now we are in Tokyo and it's still exciting, we maby dont realize this is the end ...
Thank you Karl, say hello to your nice girlfriend, please come to Paris one of these days :)
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