Wednesday, August 10, 2005



Yesterday was our first day off. But Lozi kept on working of course, as he had to drive us from Beppu to Awagishima. So we got up at 9 (the ostukaresama party with the great beppu staff finished around 4 in the morning) , went to a very popular onsen (old men, one with one arm missing, one yakusa with his son...) , and then went to the ferry for Shikoku. We had a great nap on the upper outside deck , and all woke up at the same moment when the boat started to move differently, just in time for us to enjoy the wonderful view ( it reminded annecy to davide ) as we approached the island. Then we drove through the mountains, and stopped after a few hours to enjoy the beach. A perfect sunset moment, ideal time for a MEC photo shooting. We arrived at 11 this morning, after a long long drive (we stopped for a few hours at a Lawson combini) because Lozi needed a DESERVED nap. Good job Lozi-san!

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