Monday, September 19, 2005


The plane should have given us our 7 hours time-lag back it took on its way
but that's really not enough.

Jetlag is just a fake powerful timemachine and it doesn't even work anyway.
Once in that ( too fast, slow too) plane, even if you keep following the sunset in one anticlockwise way, our hairs will never be shorter, our moments will never be the same ones again, we will never feel the microwaves living through our body as we can feel it in a Panawave Brother live reunion. I want our Portable P.A. to change the japanese air pressure again, even in an imperceptible way it'd be ok and enough for me.

I really miss you guys. I really love you. I really want to thank you all for every little moment you shaked and shared with me during this trip.

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i came here because i just wanted to look this pics again.
i didnt know shoboshobo when you came to Japan tour.
but,this pics are telling me that you guys really enjoyed and loves Japan!
suteki na shashin arigato:)

p.s...domo-san is very cool name!love it:)
domo-san's "ikimacho"of Japanese is very cawaii*haha.
mata ne!


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