Friday, September 09, 2005



it breaks my heart to look at those pictures.
i wish i was still there.

i stand on the left lane in the metro's escalators.
i say "hai" to say "oui",
i say "ikimacho" to say "on y va",
i miss lozi and yoyo

i came back from geneva this morning and the train was full of japanese tourists, i wanted to talk to them in japanese, i wanted to share their bentos, i wanted to drink their tea.

Hey Guys,
Really missing this blog already, keep us upto date with what your doing.
ok Karl!
otherwise you should also check here :
and also here :
Domo, it is IKIMASHO not IKIMACHO, we will be back soon for the shoboshobo boat tour remember :)
looking forward to the shoboshobo helicopter/hovercraft tour.
mehdi san, ikimasho! (je le sais, mais comme je suis francais ikimacho se prononce comme ikimasho)

robert : thanks for your support, i'm glad you came to see us that night. come to paris soon...
hovercraft tour, THAT is a briliant idea, with helicopter-portable-PA, with Davide, we already thought about zeplin-portable-PA ...
just in case

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