Saturday, August 13, 2005



Thank you Awajima people for the nice welcome.
The evening of our live shows, many people asked me for the record of the song I played at the end of Miniflamm's live. This song is a collaboration between me an Khanh-Linh La, I put it online and you can download it here :



we realized recently that we have been linked on a moto-fan japanese website thanx to the MEC project we are carying with us ... LOVE BIKES!


telling strangers personal things



Cultural gap




the wrong way, nerve picking, awkward feelings




leave Awajishima and the so kind Yamaguchi-san and go to OSAKA at Arts Aporia, meet the staf and some nice artists presenting theire works there and then had a live. Thank you Midori-san for comming that night, i was very pleased to meet you!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Ketsuyama and other small wonders along the way


Hear the mayhem



is an audio MP3 documenting our Portable PA stroll in Dazaifu, recorded by someone from the CAT's staff.



New sound page where you can hear a bunch of sounds from the shoboshobo bustour here


Lozi talks and shoots too

Please note again that Lozi is blogging on his own, and updating quite regularly. Check there as often as possible, for pics and texts if you happen to be a Japanese speaker.



As time goes by, we get more and more used to onsens and traditional sentos with massive Yakusas' naked tattoos around us. It is even more impressive when the baths are small.


AWAJISHIMA city's emblem


moyens de locomotion 3





i fall in love with japanese clouds
video of amazing cloudy sky here



Hosted by a kind of social arts and crafts center with (as usual) very nice people.
We performed with the portable PAs nearby the sea, recording sounds from the people hanging around (here an old man practicing for golf (golufu), there a woman speaking loud ...). The organiz ation people prepared special billboards (written in French!) to let us know if the sound was too loud or when it was time to stop!
After that, we had another portable PA collaborative performance with local artists (making music with junk items and traditional masks).
At night we went to a lovely tatami-style restaurant to eat sashimi.

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