Saturday, August 20, 2005


Rain & Hijacking


Quiet sky

Not so quiet

Wind (menace)

Davide Balula & O.Lamm caught by the rain
(outside, now inside after the Portable Session)


list for r, out of topic

random, classics and not so classics, cool and uncool -

william gaddis "jr"
stanley elkin "the macguffin"
curtis white "memories of my father watching TV"
john hawkes "the cannibal"
don delillo "ratner's star"
brian evenson "altmann's tongue"
guy davenport "tatlin!"
dave eggers "you shall know our velocity!"
w.t. vollmann "the rifles", "you bright and risen angels"
thomas pynchon "vineland"
david foster wallace "infinite jest"
richard powers "gain"
john barth "the sot-weed factor"


wet wet wet

Today's experiment :
The ice cube as timer in the Sauna.
(In big shopping mall sento
w/ electric bath, high and big shower, massage water jet, ice and fire.. but no soap for free nor any Yakuza - maybe one light Sumo.)


depression in style

We need to apologize for the serious lack of content and media updates these last days - we performed in Omi Achima for a marvellously quiet session in the dark garden of a very old shrine, then for/with children during a serious Warabimochi Party organized by Phirip (see Mehdi's pics), and today, in the crazy shaped buildings of the Yoro Tenmei Hantenchi Park (we could have played just anywhere but a huge thunderstorm forced us into finding proper sheltering places - Davide and I played a nice droning piece, then organized an anti-rain demonstration outside with two very loud megaphones and even got some followers in the audience). Again, vids and sounds are being prepared for full archive experience, and the upload problem shall be solved soon enough as we're in Iamas again and there is wifi network even in our tatami dormitories.


moyens de locomotion 3



YOYO-chan joined us!!!!
Day off ... We climbed the 800 steps to reach a gorgeous shrine in the mountain..


le scooter d'Igouagh

Friday, August 19, 2005


le petit lavabo

yesterday's performance was in my opinion the most satisfying performance we did. the shrine where we performed had great sounds to offer (bells, wells, sinks, insects),and we had found a really good and inspiring spot for the performance ( some kind of mini-side-temple with small stone cows statues). we played for maybe 25 minutes, surrounded by the suzumoshis singing with us, the temple people didn't seem to be too angry (this was a guerilla no permission performance) and the thunder and rain arrived just at the end of the show, as intended. it's the first time i can listen to my solo track (we all record our personal/private direct output and the result is very very different from what we hear when we are play together, obviously) and i think it's ok. it's hard for me to think of the patch as of a solo instrument. and anyway i don't like to play solo otherwise because i find it boring.
my personal pick.

unfortunately the minidisc only recorded the first 6 minutes... :-(

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


little media people

there are some nice pics by Midori san on her flicker thing;

also, if you happen to be craving for some media about our latest performances in Osaka and Kyoto, please note that they're just waiting for some proper network to be uploaded. sorry about the delay.



...has been updated and video format modified after many of you said they couldn't see it ...
so please check it here



Small city with very nice people. We played portable PA with the Semi in a nice temple, then we joined the Walabi mochi workshop by Phirip that took place in an "art brut" galery and performed a second time portable PA.
Thank you Hitomi for giving me this cute T.shirt.

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