Saturday, September 03, 2005

i need to be alone
i need to get bored


moyens de locomotion 4 (dernier)


Last Days

Staying at Yoyo's parents house with theire wonderfull garden.
Yesturday, opening party at Caniche Courage, I ate cury with the beautifull and so nice Miroque, Motor Karaoke was presented and after 10 minutes, neighbours complained about the noise, so we had to make a -non sens- quite motor karaoke...



Mina aligato tanoshikata !!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005



Today (friday September 2nd) we will present the Motor Karaoke in the very nice art galery CANICHE COURAGE, please come if you are near ...

Thursday, September 01, 2005




i think i owe lozi one year of massage in a knitting machine shaped sine wave emitting space capsule on the moon.

lozi-sama, how will i ever make it up to YOU?


Best Morning

Yoyo is Love.
She is so beautiful.
Her sweet home make us have wonderful dreams.
(even if Stephane dreamed we were still carrying things over the city and looking for secondhandshops from where we would never buy anything - He may have been pursuiing the hard day we spent yesterday).
I dreamed of the Giant Nausicaa Omus we've been talking about with Maider Fortuné (so good to see you again).
They had the same sounds as my dearest japanese Semi who spend their 7 years underground life before dying on a 1 week last shout.
Thank you so much YOYO.


Lozi, man of the month

MAXIMIUM BIG UP for Lozi-Sama-kun for these Amazing Bouncy Bus Travels !! Such a good work !

Wednesday, August 31, 2005



Here are 3 new videos with correct URL :

01 - Nagoya street dance festival outdoor rehearsal
02 - The Nagoya Yagi roboto
03 - Where you can see some stufs from metamo, the Silent Hill ...




curse minor

there's a special moment in Davide's song Cookbook where it seems that he is saying "curse minor" but really he isn't

the thing is he won't tell Stephane and me what he is singing about


Lozi boy

You could just write a novel about Lozi boy. Maybe I'll do that, one day or another. In the meantime, it should be added that my man Yosuke doesn't only love sinewaves, old Isuzu busses and sewing-machines (you should have seen the oscillating speck of light when he saw Yoshimi's Brother machine in Nagoya), he also goes kani-hunting (crab-hunting) at dawn whenever he has the time and a river nearby, just for sport.





Super final

In Superdeluxe, Roppongi

this place kind of feels familiar, now

many people many friends showed up

we performed ok

except for a chaotic and desultory and dull lecture which really didn't suit the non-stop excitement of the last thirty days

Mehdi seemed quite touched when he evoked all the people we met and amazing things we lived along the road, and I guess that says it all despite the cliche and that is enough

highlights of last night - we came back with the first metro at 5, stuck in some bad Italian cafe with some restless matron checking that we weren't lying down on the shabby plastic seats of the restaurant all the time because we really can't afford a taxi from Roppongi to Yahiro - include the MEC session with Ji-Ji+ the Motor Karaoke display loud in the venue after the gigs, making cadavre exquis with Mehdi and Chihiro battling against sleepiness, the "flush sound" in the super advanced pan of the restaurant, Lozi kun making 10 amazing faces in very little time going back home. I just wished I'd had more time and energy to give to our friends who showed up (one special apology to Nao chan, whom I almost couldn't see at all).

Anyway, some pics show make it a more decent experience for you when the other shoboys add to this dull post.

oh and I almost forgot


Tuesday, August 30, 2005


sgt pepper

Tomoko, from YCAM in Yamaguchi, has her own blog in French. We had to mention it, as she mentions us.



We said byebye to the bus and let it rest in the parking of Tama-university (sob...) the inside was quite messy and beta-beta after one whole month inside. Special thanx go to Mihara-kun who drove our nimotsu with his car . On our way back for Tokyo some very kind bus driver offered us the fare just because we had a short chat with him explaining him that we had just achieved a 1 month tour in a crazy bus (I showed him a pict).
VERY VERY nice and crazy party in Yahiro with outstanding live acts!
SAM2 (crazy PDA-bending performance)
Taniguchi Akihiko
Satoshi Yashiro
Panawave Brothers
Small video here

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