Saturday, July 30, 2005


davide, shoboy in tsukiji


flocks of seagulls over a sea of fire

shot in kinchijoji and asakusa. i really wish you could zoom into these pics the way i did just a few minutes ago and let your mind wander along the same path i followed, i met some lovely people down there


affreux ken

we found in the trash a whole box full of the character called "afro ken" ... here are some of it :


i have names

yesterday was really the most un-touristic day since we arrived.
just hanging out in the ghetto as dj bobofete would have said.
i don't know if this is a crescendo, but i really enjoyed this day more than the others. except for that very good evening with robert (easy talk and good alcohol match my expectations). hi robert. i'm honored.

this yahiro place has a lot in common with where i was living two years ago. getting back into the advantages of living next to a dump

(having free stuff, sometimes even cool free stuff such as
pregnant women's asses
ex-kawaii dogs).

it felt like sticky christmas when we found them. problem is it kind of stinks.
also getting back to using minidisc for field-recording takes me back to ici-même techniques except i don't really know why i'm recording stuff now.

from now on
(we are just coming back from fish market, davide and laurence are sleeping. she's on the upper bed, third floor)
may be like yesterday as we are going to stay here and work on the lecture.
fish market was great. we got some smiles and interest from the busy fishermen, and some typical shouts from the policemen. i was asked if i had an access card to be where i was (on my left, dead tunas, on my right, more dead tunas, in front some guy auctioning them with a bell with a good flow that davide sampledandloopedandpitched up-scale of course in the most perfect and meaningful way at the end of the 20-minute performance , behind me those cars that i had never seen before , and on my belly the portable PA and laptop cranked-up to the max (11). i need a card?)


facts day four, random style

because our very first outdoors session with the portable PA's this morning in Tsukiji was such an exhilarating experience, i'm afraid to stumble over yesterday and ignore what happened. here is a short list:

davide cut stephane's and lozi's hair, we tested the PA's on the roof of our beloved factory, went to kinshicho to buy some batteries for the PA's, then headed to kichijoji to see daisuke's concert (leif elggren and tetsuo furudate were also playing, or so i heard) but we couldn't make it in time, so we waited for him outside the venue then took a charming walk among drunken teenagers in inogachira park. that's what we call a battery refill day among the shoboys. oh yeah, mehdi and stephane seem really hooked on a strange joke involving very cool voice impersonations (french ghetto style) but very bad social issues. i really hope they move on to more dada levels in the forthcoming weeks. and pics are coming.



to G.M - ever heard of Motards en Colère?
to Catjams - thanks for the advice. we'll definitely be very careful with the laptops on the speakers. but it's so cool walking around with them and play mayhem shit with field sounds, we won't be able to behave ourselves. let us all prey for the good health of our laptop buddies.


we're so cool

robert noticed this on masagoro's website

dj bobofete also mentions us on his so bobo so chic journal

how cool are we?


One Stop.

one station for free.
keisei line.



Power Amplifier on TEST

Testing Portable System (Seats).

Friday, July 29, 2005


pics of rehearseal



on the roof of Yahiro Factory, we stopped because some worker of the mini austin dealer just next shouted at us and said that he couldn't stand the sound anymore ... We had been playing for 2 hours, I must confess. The Max patch that Nao Tokui developped for us is sooooo good!
Tonight after Daisuke Ishida's concert, we will do a quiet Portable PA (PPA) session by the river with fireworks, photos will follow tomorrow.



the place where we stay, an old factory ... Cat's name is "Biquet".


quelques moyens de locomotion

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