Saturday, August 06, 2005



Thinking "violent onsen geisha" (even though i've never listened to this band) was the only way i found for differenciating onsen (thermal bath) with sento (public bath, normal water). Until yesterday evening : we went to an onsen , right after the PA performance , which parasited the street dance festival (everything felt just like this wonderful movie called SHARA). Getting naked was way more easy than I expected (maybe it's because I can't see anything when I take my glasses off), We tried all the kinds of bath (even the very very hot one, 50°C maybe?) and the sauna. I loved it, I want to go there everyday.

Unfortunately you won't have time for that, sir, and you don't have enough money.


Jumping Climbing Scratching

Am I going too far ? Few days (5) and few news (1,5) shared in this diary since our last post. Odot’s digest will help a lot to catch our common story till this last day. I will try to remember some of my personal experiences. Departure from IAMAS GIFU to YAMAGUCHI : I must admit that my inclination to climb on everything was put in jeopardy by the situation. I just ran into the bus to catch my camera to film this short stormy-ish departure.( link behind) The door was closed. The window open. Consequence :
[ PLAIE 4 ]
This is just the painful limit for me and my used-to-be skilful thumb for playing the guitar and no word about onsen infection / disinfection, salty Japanese sea etc.. Maybe this is good news for our dear vampire KA(=mosquitos) co-tenants. Please check the video of the drama-like departure, with rain and lightning bolts.



06 / 08 yamaguchi matsuri Portable PA

Very framed performance, but still nice experiment it was a dance matsuri very very noisy and our sounds almost went unnoticed.
(pics by stephane)


06 / 08 yamaguchi ryokan


details, weird things

japanese people, who are supposedly nature lovers, let the engines of their car or truck run while they're sleeping on parkings

lozi likes to listen to high piercing tones as music while he's driving, and yuko likes to sing along with them

we had a tire explosion last night, and we had the wrecked tire replaced at 6 this morning, yet no one was injured

the mountains around here (we're still driving through all Japan towards Yamaguchi) remind me of Elico's improvised lyrics during our improvisation session the night before yesterday in Iamas (she singing and playing the piano, davide, stephane and me processing it all in real-time with our patch and PAs):

to oku no yama ga moeteru

a oi sora no shita moeteru

moeteru tori ga todekita

ta chisu kuma kimini moeteru

i think it's about a moutain on fire


the post-modern avant-garde latte (with ice cubes in it, please)

We are going to be late for today's concert at YCAM because one of our tires exploded on the road , the second one on the left at the back of the BUS... I don't really remember when it happened because i was kind of sleeping... Anyway, we will be late for the show, and Davide and I still haven't rehearsed...

Friday, August 05, 2005


burst tire

hard hard night ... lozi had to argument with the highway cops (cute uniforms and nice helmets)



Olivier just told me that we are now driving across Kyoto.

After a 30-minute (or so) ride away from iamas, we had a combini-style bento (is this vocabulary clear enough?) on the tatami at the back of the bus, and then we kind of crashed (in a metaphorical way) on the back seat, the big one, the one that the cool kids used to squatt on when i was in junior high. Now they work at some gas station or bank office and here i am, in my underwear and sleeping bag, sitting on the dark-green velvet of a customised bus heading for yamaguchi.
When i look at this corridor, dimly lit by the moving city lights (in fact we are the ones moving, and the lights aren't), it really feels like a dream come true en direct (i mean i never really dreamed of this until now) .
I guess i am very happy right now.


paint & go

bus painting is almost completed, we said byebye to suzueli (wearing great Melt Banana tshirt) and Yukonexus 6 joined the crew...


some more pictures, a treat for the eyes



As we are just now preparing for the bon voyage ceremony, the clouds and lightning are going to be part of it.
Yesterday evening, we all painted a lot, we also played portable PA with Suzueri, she on the piano, us gathered around her, recording and sucking la substantifique moelle of her strumming and singing (a song a bout a mountain on fire burning the blue sky)...

We stopped painting the bus at six this morning, with the sun rising, the beginning of the song of the suzumushi and of the scarecrows. Davide Olivier and I even performed another cheesy dubby PA soundtrack (featuring iamas scarecrows choir chant) for Mehdi, encouraging him to finish the left side of the bus (maybe we should give it a name....) before going to bed ( we sleep in the student's dormitory, here in iamas)

we also took some philippe ramette-like pictures

Today we woke up at 2 in the afternoon and Mehdi went back to bus painting, Olivier erasing the drafts, while Davide and I made some more copies of the translate revue #2. We did 20 more copies! Then we met yuko nexus6 , who gave each one of us a great omiage : typical japanese bandana (they make us look a little bit stupid and a little gay)


Bus painting and mosquitos

It's now 2:30 am.

Still very close to the bus, 20cm from our eyes as we still have to be precise with the brush covered with red paint. The task is not so easy. Really not easy in fact mosquitoes' attack has been declared.

We are using that special spray, citronnella flavoured. Last solution ? Humm we all smell very good and we all have some big red blisters on our feet and arms.

With the Sugar Hill Gang in the background, we make pauses from painting and networking break dancing on the large green grass of the Iamas school.

I should also mention the session with Suzueri on her Piano. We played with a big bug i don't know the name of. Elico Suzueri also seemed to enjoy the fear of her fellow pupil when she was running over the large hall with that bug in her hand.


Special thought for Satoshi who makes that bug orchestra in live.

We eventually ended with very cool sounds with the help of the Nao Tokui funky patch and developped new technics with it.
I think I am cultivating a real dependency with these Portable Improvisation sessions.
I think I am turning into an infra break kick addict.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


kisho kurokawa

props to that guy who designed the softopia headquarters, here in ogaki.

kind of rob mallet-stevens related, but not quite


"till we die healthy is ok"

... Elico (Suzueri) just said to us (Domo-san, Olivier and I)

As Domo said, Odot and I were kicked out of the football camp... Good sound but short performance.
Intense Portable Amp moment.
I loved it. Quiet but frontal.

(Maybe the coaches were affraid of our cameras.)

Kids training athletic football skills.

Olivier sitting on his PA
(mine is on automatic mode)

Now I'm trying to set the PA to the Iamas underground.
It's too late to go on the roof. ARGGG.
I may have an issue with roofs.
I just love the Japanese 'panorama' by night
and I just can"t stop want to climb on every accessible space.
This is another inclination I seem to have.


streaming wins anyway

i've been painting aplats for a few hours now. getting tired of it... listening to arm of roger and sun plexus on the very convenient(!) portable PAs.

Right Now mehdi is painting the bus with the help of elico. this is what'
s been done until now...

i wish it were going faster, but that's not up to me.

davide and olivier have been playing Portable PA in the big iamas field/park, and then they intruded a junior football training and did some (apparently) very good music with it, but the trainer fired them quite fast (you were right robert, we enjoy beeing kicked out).
so they end up here, doing the sketch for the right side of the bus...

lozi came back from nagoya a couple of hours ago

and the inside of the bus is a mess.


this is just like streaming

Right Now

mehdi is painting our white bus

but he's not very happy with the result

and also i have a new wallet named bonheur


Iamas gravity of the air conditioning

Hard time, and hard but eventually deep sleep.
Second day in GIFU OGAKI city, at IAMAS, institute school of media art & technology.

Few students but hard work (they have an open day event quite soon).
They have a space dedicated to rest.
Some of the students can indeed work all night long and have a 2h rest in the 24 hour non stop engineering area.

And we are in that similar physical non stop rhythm work/rest now (especially LOZI-san)
the gravity here in Gifu seems different than anywhere else. (Unless it is the magnetic storm ?)

This morning my head was compressed between the pillow and the heavy weight of the air conditioning.
(18°C inside the wide tatami room when 34° outside).

Gravity changes during a free fall and scientific analysis can be made.
My free fall has been fast and stationary so no measures or graphics but deep dreams of sounds and landscapes instead. Maybe for a lack of the daily CALPIS energy drinks.

I wish we will climb the buildings here around and play the PA loud. I wish we will catch the sounds of the 6:00 am athletics children during their exercise. This morning was too early for us.

Today : PA live impro, editing, painting the bus, seeing SUZUERI live rehearsal and maybe play with her, play with the breadboad band maybe later, look for the little friendly ghost, check the window standpoint for the Local bus presentation and improvise. (Rest and food between those different steps).

I am really missing the Portable Power Amplification Jam Session whenever we are not playing.

Now let's get the food step.


you don't, you take first

IAMAS & OGAKI closeups and non closeups, misc.

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