Thursday, August 25, 2005



Nagoya videos available here!

01 - Nagoya circuit bending Goma-san

02 - Nagoya crazy mambo karaoke
03 - Nagoya concert inside the bus (kawasaki & suzuki)
04 - Nagoya YMCA cover by teenage brassband
05 - Nagoya yoyo Yoyo flute


small wonders (continued)

The Karaoke from Hell, Mixi Religion, Kinoko scape, around the world, Onaka Ippai Desu, le petit joueur de flute du Pachinko, Piggies, Inu, Iragana stop, Shoboys Mediation Unit, Chiku-chiku field with child, Appearance, AS Possee, Suspension, Cassette drink, Jah bench in Kyoto, Enlightenement, Koban, I break horses, Fromage bike, vertigo.

(Aug. 18-23)


Typhoon menace



gigantic and tremendous

we have yet one more day to spend in nagoya and then we go to the secret festival where we're not supposed to play.
we arrived here three days ago, parked the bus at nagoya university, in front of a big concrete building that i liked a lot . the arrival was really nice because there were a lot of (classical) musicians from the school ensemble rehearsing. but everybody was playing by themselves, so it was quite chaotic, and the building's architecture added a nice reverb to it. a group of teenagers was also rehearsing a choregraphy (for a dance festival i guess) so we decided to make a little portable PA performance out of their bad trance/dream music. some people were even there to listen to us.
it's good to know that some people can make good use of their public space.

then we went to canolfan to get ready for the concert.
lullatone played first (i have a tape : let's listen) , they did a very nice acoustic set with lots of small toy instruments. they really put the audience in a good mood because they were so funny and relaxed and happy. then davide played, and he did a really good job on the last song (second chair). then we all played together with yoyo-chan (who has just left this morning see you in tokyo mama) as Daikon Mother, she was cutting daikon japanese style, wearing a hippie BANDEAU, and we were around her , recording the sound with our laptops and microphones, and then processing it with nao tokui's shoboshobo patch. it was fun to do , and also fun to watch i guess. afterwards we (mehdi odot davide and myself) played again as panawave bros. for a nice improvised C Maj synth gig...
then the real fun began : we went to JOYJOY karaoke for a good drinking and singing session with yoyo-chan and satoko. i even danced like crazy (à la grandpa style) with satoko on a mambo song. i think odot also did a great rap performance on "No Limit" (remember?) but i was kind of sleeping then so i'm not sure...the funny thing was that they would tell you how many calories you lost after each song. not sure how they could calculate that though...
the next day we didn't do much actually. except for a great shochu tasting/ice cream making party at shawn's and yoshimi's. i like shawn a lot, he's very friendly and talkative and has a great sense of humour. we also tried mos burger for the first time, and we saw a very big buddah.

yesterday we had to park the bus at a different university at the other end of nagoya. and as we wanted to make another PA session we took them with us to central nagoya for a guerilla style performance. it was kind of heavy and pointless though, we just kept walking, making noise for no one. maybe the music was good .., some kind of marche funebre drone thing, (i had recorded the "ensemble" tuning of a junior high school brass band and some cheesy ambient synth washes). then i don't know what happened. we somehow managed to go to a great sento with shawn. they had a wonderful 37°C brown water bath that i enjoyed very much. oh boy i will miss sento when i'm in paris.



Had a portable PA session in the streets of Nagoya (Osu area, we walkes all along the streets with the PA, having brief stops in front of some shops ...
At night went to a very nice and so old restaurant.



steki onna!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


SOCHU report One

Shochu testing :

Thank you Shawn (Sento-Ice-Shochu-Master) & Yoshimi
for this wonderfull night.

Left To right :

Sweet Potatoes : 6/10

Sweet Potatoes : 7/10

Awamori : 8,5/10

Wheat : 8/10

Rice & Potatoes : 7/10

Please send suggestions and votes
if you already tried these
or if you think we should make an other testing session.

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