Saturday, July 30, 2005


facts day four, random style

because our very first outdoors session with the portable PA's this morning in Tsukiji was such an exhilarating experience, i'm afraid to stumble over yesterday and ignore what happened. here is a short list:

davide cut stephane's and lozi's hair, we tested the PA's on the roof of our beloved factory, went to kinshicho to buy some batteries for the PA's, then headed to kichijoji to see daisuke's concert (leif elggren and tetsuo furudate were also playing, or so i heard) but we couldn't make it in time, so we waited for him outside the venue then took a charming walk among drunken teenagers in inogachira park. that's what we call a battery refill day among the shoboys. oh yeah, mehdi and stephane seem really hooked on a strange joke involving very cool voice impersonations (french ghetto style) but very bad social issues. i really hope they move on to more dada levels in the forthcoming weeks. and pics are coming.

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