Wednesday, July 27, 2005


facts day one

so yesterday we flew all the way from paris to zurich then zurich to tokyo, leaving paris at 10 local time and arriving in Tokyo at 7.15 local time. we met noriko and chloƩ on the plane, which was weird, then sawako at narita, which was even weirder, because i hadn't seen her in three years. she was heading back to new york, where she's living now, and i really wasn't sure it was her until she shouted "olamm" and smiled. oh well. we then took the express to shinjuku, where me met might might daisuke, who's been taking care of us ever since (we're just waking up now in his living room), walking us and our luggages through soaking shinjuku, waiting for lozi and a typhoon. lozi arrived a few hours later, at daisuke's family's house. oh, and yoyo, who lives just nearby, also came to say hi later on, but when she arrived we hadn't slept in thirty hours. it's so good to be here.

freaky that you would run into all them folks at narita! but i guess it is a small island after all.
hi odot,
i'm glad to hear that you already arrived in Japan now.
and looking forward to seeing you soon !
have a good tour!
hi guys!

i was thinking of sawako while being in NY!

have a nice time in paris! my mail works now!
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