Sunday, July 31, 2005


hanabi happiness

Amazing Hanabi evening in Oshiage, and all around, yesterday. We understood that the two-hour one we saw is actually the biggest one of them all, which explains the amazingly crowded streets, but also that between Tokyo, Yokohama, Nakano and all the towns around, there are more than 100 during summer. We walked around with Ji-Ji and Lozi, and found our friendly hosts from the factory, who took us to the best of spots - an endless tatami of people, food, and happy, happy faces. Oh yeah, happy. I think that besides the lovely fireworks booming with no interruption between skyscrapers in the clear sky of Tokyo, what we really enjoyed the most was the true, first degree, plain happiness that we could read on people's faces. Cliche n° 678756: people here seem to be enjoying special events in such a simple, almost childish, naive way, it's really a blast for us cranky French people to enjoy their shere enjoyment with them.
We then all headed back to Yahiro for a special private session of home-style hanabi, crab chasing and shoboys improvisation with the sounds of the party (which didn't turn too satisfactory in the end, but that's really not a big issue here) by the river.

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