Thursday, August 04, 2005


bye bye tokyo, hello lining

we bid farewell to tokyo this morning at 6, after one last night of war with those bloody mosquitoes - i really was on their side reading you bright and risen angels, but really can't cope with their pernicious moves to drink my blood when it's so damn hot and so damn humid - which actually woke me up at 4.30, all drunk with eagerness to leave when the others really had a hard time getting out of their steamy beds. now we're chilling in iamas, ogaki (well, kind of chilling, as it's even hotter and more humid than tokyo), it's almost two in the morning, i'm typewriting in iamas' garden, using wifi on davide's powerbook, and mehdi and stephane are drawing the drafts for mehdi's fresque on our mighty bus just a few meters before me. yeah, it's here, standing just in front, and it's still hard for me to believe that this has all actually come true, only the swarms of mosquitoes, which keep coming as agressive and pernicious than ever, seeming to keep it real for me. today was all day-dreaming anyway, as my good friend, lovely elico reappeared all too ideally as a student on the campus and we wandered with mehdi and lozi in the supermarkets of ogaki searching for acrylic painting and stuffs or played fake fusion jazz with two guitars with stephane as the afternoon was dying from that nice atelier on the ground floor of the school. i barely slept two hours last night, won't probably sleep much more tonight (the draft thing is just beginning), and i never want that half-asleep, half-dreaming feeling to stop, never want to recover from that numb state which makes everything resemble the soft radiance of a streetlight in the hot ogaki night.

oh, and something really strange happened. just a few minutes after we arrived, as i was roaming on the campus, i saw some little girl playing in the stairs just outside, next to the main entrance, and wondered what a little girl of that age was doing here, in that deserted school. a little while later, as we were having lunch in that very nice restaurant not far, mehdi told me that one of his first concert ever was actually in iamas, in some supposedly haunted room of the building. it used to be an elementary school, or so he said, and some old time story has it that some ghost of a little girl still inhabits the building and sometimes appears to the super learnt students of that super-advanced school of media arts and sciences. oh well. if i am ever to see a ghost in my life, it might as well happen here, and now.

Dear sirs,

Thanks for this wonderful journal. It is a joy to read, and I will be quite sad when this remarkable and inspiring tour comes to an end.

hello, i am the little girl ghost from iamas. i also haunt the network. it's a good thing that you cut your hair this morning.
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