Saturday, August 20, 2005


depression in style

We need to apologize for the serious lack of content and media updates these last days - we performed in Omi Achima for a marvellously quiet session in the dark garden of a very old shrine, then for/with children during a serious Warabimochi Party organized by Phirip (see Mehdi's pics), and today, in the crazy shaped buildings of the Yoro Tenmei Hantenchi Park (we could have played just anywhere but a huge thunderstorm forced us into finding proper sheltering places - Davide and I played a nice droning piece, then organized an anti-rain demonstration outside with two very loud megaphones and even got some followers in the audience). Again, vids and sounds are being prepared for full archive experience, and the upload problem shall be solved soon enough as we're in Iamas again and there is wifi network even in our tatami dormitories.

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