Saturday, August 06, 2005


details, weird things

japanese people, who are supposedly nature lovers, let the engines of their car or truck run while they're sleeping on parkings

lozi likes to listen to high piercing tones as music while he's driving, and yuko likes to sing along with them

we had a tire explosion last night, and we had the wrecked tire replaced at 6 this morning, yet no one was injured

the mountains around here (we're still driving through all Japan towards Yamaguchi) remind me of Elico's improvised lyrics during our improvisation session the night before yesterday in Iamas (she singing and playing the piano, davide, stephane and me processing it all in real-time with our patch and PAs):

to oku no yama ga moeteru

a oi sora no shita moeteru

moeteru tori ga todekita

ta chisu kuma kimini moeteru

i think it's about a moutain on fire

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