Monday, August 29, 2005



Lots of waiting and useless comings and goings due to heavy organization issues with the bus - you can't just park that nasty fat ass anywhere you feel like, you know. So we eventually bid farewell to Nagoya, Shawn and Yoshimi, Satoko chan, to join the big Shizuoka nowhere where the huge Metamorphose festival was held. Strange waiting time in some sea-side town to wait for Philippe and Virginie, then even stranger waiting time in the next to decaying Nihon Cycle amusement park (Izu), full of sento moments and relative fun in a children's swimming-pool. Then, after 30 hours of floating hiatus, we found ourselves playing on some tiny remote stage in the festival itself, invited by the Arch collective. Iamas tomodachi were there. Lovely Makiko and Matoko also joined. This kind of helped for the fun part (I'll avoid the big *non-so-fun* part), but we're really not techno people, and as we waited forever for Davide to comeback from Tortoise's gig, far away from the big, big crowd, we fell asleep in some gymnasium next to the big Iamas installation and missed it all. In the morning, we woke up quite flabbergasted by the total cleanness of the place - Japanese ravers are nothing like the French ones, I can tell you. Now we've come back to beloved Tokyo, and waiting for tonight's big BBQ party in Highti. See you there.

philippetvirginie de philippe et virginie ?
oh yep!
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