Sunday, August 14, 2005


it's hard documenting exciting events as you're nowhere to be seen on the pics or videos

Yesterday: nice AS evening hosted by Osaka Arts Aporia, a great warehouse which belongs to the city of Osaka but who is as an art place by self-managed artists (actually, rehabilitated buildings are very, very few in novelty-obsessed Japan, which is very weird for us patrimoine-obsessed French people, and Osaka Arts Aporia will be destroyed in a one-year time time to be replaced by yet another ugly noisy mall). Also Laurence's final evening with us, who'll certainly be greatly missed among us Shoboys, and not only by Davide. Cute Mikiko, who'd already come to the caves in Dazaifu, was there, as my friend Midori chan, who took the train all the way from Kyoto. We also managed to make it to the sento thirty-minutes before it closed, to bathe among yankee would-be yakuzas who played dames, which was greatly needed as we hadn't washed in two days.

Today: our first wild Portable PA session ever since Tokyo, first on the Osaka Great Tempozan Wheel, then in the huge mall just nearby. Davide, Stephane, and Nathan, a.k.a I.n0jaQ, noisejunkie from Australia (whom we met thanks to this blog) played while I documented (Mehdi got stuck in the bus to look after and make animation for the MEC installation), and performed nice immersive sounds among people and across noisy shops (at one point, the noise inside got so intense that I couldn't even tell my fellows shoboys noisemaking from the screaming advertisements). It all ended in a nice invitation from the Mall authorities to go fuck ourselves and play somewhere else, as Mikiko, her friend, French musician Colin (he used to play with Costes and now plays with Satanic Porno Cultshop)joined us together with his family, unfortunately a bit late. Quite a nice fortnight in Osaka, in the end, despite Laurence's departure and the fact that we didn't see one single Yan-Cha(it stands for "Yankee Car")style car or truck. We're leaving tonight at 8 for ATR.

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