Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Little lights and deer attacks replacing short circuits and other virtual nerdy enlightenements

Yesterday was semi-off, with a little lecture at ATR - something like we lo-tech shoboys and our trivial concern with actual people and actual interaction vs. the crazy supersmart researchers - and some nice demos of robots, post-feedback programs, virtual life making midi-driven music etc. (my mind kept coming and going between what was being said and a lot of other secret things I might tell you of one day). See the other guys' posts about this, will you? Most of all, I was eager to leave and take the train to Nara, which has been this huge dreamy spot ever since I saw that film by Naomi Kawase, plus there was a lantern festival going on, the Nara To-Kae. Eventually, after many talking, we managed to leave and, oh boy, it was worth it. I must be thankful to the nasty clouds who were threatening enough for us not to take the PAs with us and just go there for sight-seeing sake, and remain gentle in their rain-making. We strolled in the park, then in town, which had got almost totally dark, and managed to make it a special day, and I hadn't been this excited since our arrival in Tokyo. I am a simple boy. Hopefully, we'll find some time to wander purposelessly in Kyoto too, where we're spending the next two days.

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