Tuesday, August 16, 2005


lousy kraftwerk remix

kyoto style

we're enjoying a nice nerdie evening at kawarasaki takamitsu's house, as mehdi and davide are kind of forcing him into downloading wolfenstein enemy territory to play with him and use his wifi network, and i'm all drunk with beer and shochu (davide noticed because i'm not using capital letters to write this post) and we're listening to some lousy idm playlist on kawaraski san's ipod. i just felt like writing a very few words about this afternoon's performance in kawaramachi dori and shinpukan mall (which was designed by enzo piano, by the way), which was absolutely wonderful. midori joined us, as well as masanobu, and we had the amazing surprize to come across bon chan, our very good friend from paris who'd come to meet us but was not quite sure it would actually happen. something like the least predictable i.e. best of surprizes, ever. very friendly, screamy, funny session if i must speak for myself - midori and i shared a portable PA, she used some kind of stupid toy electronic voice transformer in the shape of a saxophone and i used nao's patch to process her hilarious noisemaking. i think i hadn't had this fun making sheer noise since the very first MEC session. midori san is some crazy girl, i can tell you. please check out the forthcoming vid, shot by stephane, in the next future.

in love o. ?
Fire in ze hole! wolfie rocks.
odot: check yer email.
i'm falling in love approx. 789 times a day
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